5-10K Training – Week 1, Day 1

I completed Five to 10K Week 1 Day 1 (7.04 km), in 44:09, pace 06:16 min/km, with @RunDouble http://rndb.co/h5HU

First one of the 5K to 10K plan. Boy was it a tough one. Several intervals of 1.28K with a short walk in between. Still, lasted the session, but my legs are hurting now.

Apple Hit With Federal Lawsuit Over iMessage Delivery Issues | WIRED

This was going to happen at some point, wasn’t it?

When someone switches to a new phone, they have a reasonable expectation that all the network functionality that worked on their old device—things like messages and phone calls—will continue to work on their new device. Unfortunately for some iOS users who switched to Android devices, Apple’s iMessage blocked them from receiving any more messages from iOS users. The Cupertino company will be heading to federal court over the issue.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh decided that Apple will have to face former iPhone owner Adrienne Moore, who’s seeking judgement in a class-action lawsuit against Apple for interfering with her Verizon service after switching to an Android phone. Moore claims that Apple failed to reveal iOS 5 could interrupt the delivery of messages from other iOS users if she switched to a non-Apple device. Numerous people on Apple’s support forums share similar woes.

via Apple Hit With Federal Lawsuit Over iMessage Delivery Issues | WIRED.

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