5k Training

I completed C25K Full 5K (5.00 km), in 31:43, pace 06:20 min/km, with @RunDouble http://rndb.co/55FY

Finished the last run in the C25K training plan. Next up is to try to extend it further, but I think I’ll still with 5K’s for a while to get my endurance back. Hopefully.

Also finished S3M1 of ZR3, but won’t be including the track here.

Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes


Gotten into a new freemium game called Legion of Heroes. It’s a cross between a 3D MMORPG with a Final Fantasy Tactics style battle. There’s gorgeous graphics, decent cutscenes, and voice-acting that isn’t too cringe-worthy. Yes, it is freemium, and it does push selling items at you repeatedly, which is damn frustrating, but my only gripe so far.

It is a demanding game, and it shows by its lack of compatibility with older devices. Both my asus Transformer TF101 and my HTC Sensation Std are not compatible with this game,

You can have several heroes on your team, with one your main character. I picked the magic user, because I have a thing for magic users and Elves, and she was both. Surprising, it was a good choice – she’s a decent damage dealer, and doubles up as a healer, with her healing also giving a ATK+ bonus). Unfortunately, we can be either a damage dealer or a healer, and not both, as her mode is dictated by the weapon she wields (staff for damage, or tome for healing – she was wielding a staff in the picture below). Fortunately, as I progressed into the story, I met two healers (both on the back row of my team). One heals an entire row by a certain amount, and the other heals only one, but gives a regeneration bonus on that person so they auto-heal for two turns.


When a character performs a special move, such as healing, or casting a spell, you get a short cut like this. It is possible, when in auto-battle, to have several characters perform special moves one after the other. It’s quite amusing to watch four specials all targetted at one boss.

Specials are paid for by Fury, which is gathered during attacks by your characters, and by being attacked by opponent monsters. So it is possible to throw many specials during the course of a battle. Some moves are low-cost such as the single-person heal. Others, such as my main character’s special costs more, because it deals damage to more enemies.


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