Training Progress

My current Half Marathon training plan finishes July 10th. By then, I should hopefully be able to run (or at least jog) 1 hour 40 minutes. At my usual pace of 6 minutes/KM, this should get me 17 KM. Half Marathon distance is 20 KM, so if I can do this, my next trial is to get the last 3KM.

Zombies, Run!

*smacks head against table*

I was cleaning up some of my runs off Zombie Link (the web site for Zombies, Run), and it seems like I’ve deleted one of my completion runs for the first run of Season 2, so I’m now going to have to run it again. I’ve run that run several times already, and I don’t mind running it again, but it does mean I won’t get as many materials out of it this time, as a result of the update to the ZR app.

I guess I could always wipe my S1M1 runs of ZL, wipe my installation cache from my ZR app and resync, but then I’d have to redownload all the missions….

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