Running Thoughts

Couple of thoughts I have on running training. These are totally my opinion and do not reflect any training plan

  1. Start with a small lap near your home and jog that to get used to the feeling. If you have a public park nearby, use that.
  2. Plan a route using Google Maps or similar, try to find a route that is 1 KM or 1 mile. It helps you with distance training when you know how many laps you have to do.
  3. If you have a specific distance in mind (e.g. 5K, 10K), then try to plan that as well. Remember that a small lap can double-up – so a 10K can be two laps of a 5K route.
  4. Try not to include any hills to begin with — find a flat route so you are comfortable with the distance before introducing hills. Then, keep working the hills until you are comfortable with it, then work it up to a steeper hill, and try to match your time from the flat route. Then, take up the distance a notch and revert to flat terrain and repeat. e.g.: 3K flat, 5K flat, 5K light hills, 5K steep hills, 10K flat, 10K light hills, 10K steep hills, 20K flat, etc.
  5. Some people find monotony counter-productive. I am one of those. Running laps around the same area repeatedly gets pretty boring, especially when your lap is a small 1KM. If you’re like me, then run on the pavement/sidewalk, and plan your running route in advance. Use this opportunity to explore your area, you may find places you never knew existed.
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