AKB49 (sic)

No, it’s not a typo, I’ve picked up a scanlated manga I stopped reading many months ago. AKB49 is about a boy who tries to help his best friend get into AKB but does so undercover as a girl. He succeeds in getting her in as a kenkyuusei (understudy) – but also ends up getting accepted as a kenkyuusei herself. Err. himself.

All manner of high jinks occur throughout the manga included his/her popularity increasing because of his honesty and straightforwardness.

I’ve now read up to the latest scanlated chapter (#123) and there are similar aspects to AKB0048 — the tough learning, unsupportive parents, lessons day-in, day-out, looking up to your seniors, waiting for your moment.

One thing that really struck me is the similarity between episode 26 of the AKB0048 anime (Next Stage Ep # 13) and the Gekokujyou Vs &Jewel duel. In the anime, the kenkyuusei had to overcome the hatred of their audience after their apparent desertion of the planet Akibastar (play on the word “Akihabara“). In the manga, the Gekokujyou (the subunit of the AKB kenkyuusei consisting of the three main protagonist characters) agreed to a musical duel against &Jewel on their (&Jewel’s) home theatre, leading to a hugely hostile audience. Both teams had 3 songs, plus a possible encore within which to win over their audience. Within one song, GJ dented &Jewel’s effect, the second got them mostly on their side, the third, they let rip and the &Jewel were forced to admit total defeat. After that, the main protagonist – Minoru (f: Minori) collapsed from over-exhaustion, his secret almost revealed. He was saved by the legendary Maeda Atsuko who would keep his secret. Since GJ only had three songs released at this time, they had no encore song, so they sang &Jewel’s song, and did it perfectly. Even the hardened &Jewel fan couldn’t fault them.

Three songs, one encore, total domination.

#1 Draw their attention

#2 Capture their hearts

#3 120%, show everything you have.


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