10K Training – Day 37: RACE!

Tracks: ZR (Part 1, Part 2), Endomondo

Target: 10K, 5:24 min/km, 54:24 min

Achieved: 9.52km, 4:43 min/km

Next Run: Monday, 3.70km @ 6:07 min/km pace.

Today was my very first proper 10K race. Even though it’s not a competitive race (it’s a charity run), the push and pressure of being the chaser and chased during the run really drives a better time, I even broke my 5K time in this race.

My phone rebooted during this race, so I lost crucial tracking, which is why when I merged my workouts on Endomondo, it comes out less than 10K. In fact, if you zoom in on the map of the race, you’ll see a gap in the tracking which is where my phone rebooted. Had I tracked that last 0.48km at the 4:43 min/km pace of the rest of the track, then my total 10K time would be 47 minutes, 10 secs.

But, it was all worth it….

At the finish line, I heard someone shouting out runner numbers as they passed the line. Maybe I’ll get a letter with my official time in the post in a few days?


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