Half Marathon Training – Day 9

Tracks: ZR, Endomondo

Target: EASY 3.70 KM IN 28M:11S

Achieved: 2.83k, 18:44min. Today was the first day I tried using my new Polar heart monitor. Not a watch, but a chest strap version, and it uses Bluetooth. My previous attempt at using this wrecked havoc on my tracking, but today, it seemed OK. It tracked my heart okay, and it also let me see where my heart rates tended to be. In today’s run, my average BPM was 140, and max 171. I think I can hit higher, but today was an easy run. I really like Endomondo’s bar chart which tells you on what band you spent most of of your heart rate. For VO2 training, you need to hit Anerobic or Maximum, which is bands 4 and 5. The heart rate bands are configurable, so now I need to figure out how to calibrate my bands….

Next Run: Saturday, EASY 3.70 KM IN 28M:11S

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