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Tech lies we all fall for

  1. Facebook statuses saying “I’m Poorly”
  2. Sat-Nav Directions (I can relate to this)
  3. “Full Mailbox” warning
  4. Washing Machine time
  5. Microwave cooking time
  6. “Best Venues” apps
  7. Any recommendation
  8. Heart rate/Calorie monitors
  9. A rich friend saying he’s broke
  10. Running Apps

Interestingly, the last one caught my attention. Here’s the main description:

Recently two members of Team T3 did the same half marathon using the same training plan with the same app. They trained twice together and noticed one of them was recording about a mile less than the other each time. There was no way to test who was being short-changed in their preparation until race day, when one of them hadn’t done enough training and nearly died in the last couple of miles. Lesson: don’t trust apps, trust watches.

“Don’t trust apps, trust watches”? I kind of expected that. After all, a phone is not built to be used as a GPS receiver (even though it is a function), whereas a GPS watch is designed for that function. I have run with the Nike+ app and my SportWatch on at the same time, and have noticed a difference of around 0.2 to 0.25 km between the two. Most of the time the app clocks up more mileage than the watch, but I trust the watch more because it is a dedicated GPS receiver.

Bad Tech: Biggest tech lies we all fall for | T3.

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