Inside The Actors Studio – Jim Carrey – YouTube

Like him or not, Jim Carey has a rubbery face that some comedians can only dream of.


My first box has just shipped. If you’re interested, here’s the contents:

Half Marathon Training – Day 8

ZR Track here

Today’s run I dropped below 90% for the first time in a while. I can maintain a heart rate, but trying to get up to that rate, or dropping it down is difficult….

Superman Vs The Elite

Superman turns brutal.

Grive: Open Source Google Drive Client For Linux ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

Grive: Open Source Google Drive Client For Linux ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog.

If you use Google Drive a lot, this might be a useful tool for you. It provides a form of sync for a folder to and from your Drive.

Half Marathon Training – Day 7

ZR Track here

Day 7 of training. Again, 90%. Tried running up a steeper hill compared to my previous days runs. Not such a good idea since I burned out quicker – have to make sure I pace myself better.


English: Sintel posterNow I see why my previous attempts to model in Blender didn’t succeed – my reference images were not level and not the same scale. Whilst there was nothing mentioned on the tutorials at Blender Cookie (in those tutorials, the reference images came already prepared), the first step that Angela Guenette (modeller on the Sintel short – cover on the right) on the¬†Blenderella DVD immediately mentioned is to prepare the reference images in GIMP:¬†rotating, scaling, and adding horizontal reference lines to allow you to line up features across the various reference images.

Wish I’d known about this before spending time on my last modelling attempt. :/

Oh, well, you learn from mistakes.


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