Training in Quarantine – Day 18

Gorgeous Good Friday weather, went for a brisk walk, covering 5.35 km in 50m 28s.

Queues outside my local fruit n veg, the local pharmacy, Tesco Express petrol station, another pharmacy, Sainsbury’s (about 400m queue here), Tesco Express supermarket.

Trying to find some entertainment in games right now. And I’ve started looking at some strategy games. Stellaris was a game I used to play for a while, so redownloaded it. Got a bit bored for a bit.

Tried to play Planet Zoo. Bought the deluxe version, played for a bit. But when I tried to reload it, it wouldn’t display properly for some reason. So asked for a refund from Steam.

Also looking at Magic The Gathering Arena. An interesting game. I’ve been contemplating taking up Magic in physical form, but this might let me at least get some practise in before going down to the my nearest game shop. Which is in Finchley from what I can find.

Also it turns out they do rotation which means some cards become illegal in normal and competitive duels, and means you have to keep buying new cards in order to keep up to date. Magic, it seems is an expensive hobby to maintain….

The upcoming set is Ikoria, which has hints of giant monster, Japanese style B-movies. And yes, Godzilla is in the list

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