Marmite body paint – coming to a Harmony sex shop near you soon

Who comes up with these ideas?!


Marmite body paint - spreadable and edible Spreadable AND edible… what more could you ask for? (Picture: Marmite)

This is not a drill.

Marmite – Britain’s favourite yeasty spread – are officially taking things to the next level.

You can forget the Marmite Easter egg or Marmite Vaseline (remember that?), because the company have just announced they’re in the process of creating the ultimate Marmite lovers product – Marmite body paint.

Yes, really.

The body paint is being developed with London-based sex shops Harmony, who approached Marmite following demand for bedroom-based Marmite products from their customers.

Jamie O’Sullivan, Harmony Area Retail Manager, explained:’Our customers just kept asking, “When will you have a Marmite body paint option in store?” and until now we’ve had to repeatedly tell them that it’s chocolate or nothing.’

He went on: ‘Clearly it’s the missing ingredient in a lot of people’s sex lives!’

But before you rush out to bag yourself a tube of the spreadible & edible…

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