18 things no one tells you about leaving university

Graduate? Soon-to-be graduate? Then you better read these….


GraduatingWhen you’re at university, you imagine employed life as one long dreamy parade of after work cocktails, leisurely working lunches and being eternally happy because you NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT YOUR DISSERTATION AGAIN.

The reality is quite different. Here are the good, the bad and the downright ugly things that no one tells you about entering the working world.

1. Nobody really takes lunch breaks. They eat shop-bought sandwiches at their desk whilst doing work.

2. Not having sex trapped in a single bed the size of a baby’s cot is liberating and feels hella good.

3. All those housemates/halls friends you lived in such close quarters with and annoyed the hell out of each other? You’ll miss the heck out of ’em.

4. Tax. F**ing tax. That impressive sounding starter salary ain’t so impressive now.

5. You discover the joys of living in a clean, tidy house with…

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