‘I saw him take his last breath’: Walking The Nile shows last moments of journalist Matt Power

So they aired the leadup to the journalist’s death as part of the show. As long as the family are okay with it, I have no qualms. Journalists have a bed press (pun intended), with some seeing them as the cause of many deaths and suicides, not naming any names or celebrities. And plus, I can’t see anywhere in the article whether or not the walk was for charity or not. If not, and the walk was solely for the fame, then the question that needs to be asked is “was the fame really worth the cost of Matt Power’s life?”


walking the nile, Matt Power, Levison Wood Matt Power (right) joined Levison Wood’s expedition for one week (Picture: Channel 4)

A Channel 4 documentary has shown the final moments of a travel journalist who died during filming.

39-year-old Matt Power, an American travel writer, had joined Levison Wood’s attempt to walk the length of the river Nile for one week in March 2014.

But on March 10 Power began suffering from heat stroke and died just hours later.

Last night Power’s final hours were shown in Walking The Nile, the documentary following Wood’s expedition.

It did not shy away from the tragedy of Power’s death, documenting in painful detail the journalist’s rapid decline.

walking the nile, Matt Power, Levison Wood Matt Power was seen struggling as heat stroke hit (Picture: Channel 4)

Power was seen clearly suffering in the heat, collapsing on the floor as he struggled to push on. Wood explained that they had no choice but to continue, with the next village closer than the last.


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