Slow Drivers

I’ve been finding the same driver driving at 10-20mph on 30-40mph roads on the way into work in the morning, and it is driving me (and a lot of other drivers) nuts. Sure, I can overtake him (and I do, just like lots of other people), but he just doesn’t seem to get the hint. Dangerous overtaking? No, there’s pretty much no-one on the road at 6am in the morning where I am.

Sure wish I could report this guy somewhere…

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Google Music

A while ago, I posted of my frustration with Google Music when it refused to download my tracks. Well, I did some digging around and found that someone had written an API to expose the Google Music backend. The link is at

and has spawned several other tools including

Which is a set of scripts designed to sync, upload and/or download from the Google Music collection.

I wrote my own Python script using the Gmusic API to bulk delete albums from my Gmusic account (it’s easy to bulk upload using Google’s MusicManager, but not to bulk delete), and the gmusicapi-scripts enables me to download most of my tracks.

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