I was playing an online game (a game which I no longer play), and that game had in-game purchases. Up to a point, I was able to use a certain e-funds provider (not PayPal, but along those lines) to pay, then it suddenly reported that it was unable to complete the transaction. So I emailed them, and they said they needed me to provide them proof of identity. So I sent them a partially blanked copy of my Driving License and bank account. They came back saying they needed the unblanked version. My response was that no-one should be sending crucial identity documents such as these over an unsecure channel such as email without first masking important details, and I would find an alternative means of paying – basically telling them to shove it – I’m taking my business elsewhere.

They came back 5 minutes later with the typical legal text saying they would process it as part of the DPA, they were a member of this security body, etc.

Nope, still going to take my business elsewhere.

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