Car Update

It’s been nearly a year since my accident that wrote off my old car and I was surprised to get a call this morning from the car hire company.

They had been contacted by the third-party driver’s insurance company (Aviva), offering them part of the cost of the hire car I was using for over two months during the time I had no car. Bear in mind that during that time, the UK was in lockdown, shops were closed and car showrooms were closed so I couldn’t even get a new car to replace the smashed up one, meaning the car hire was longer than either side expected. The estimated total cost for the car was ~£3300 as mentioned in Aviva offered to pay only around 30% of the cost. Obviously, the car hire company said “FU” in more formal terms and wanted to ask if I would co-operate with their solicitors if it came to it.

I obviously said yes since the case is an open-and-shut with the other side being drunk and even arrested by the police for Drunk Driving after the accident (although I didn’t see him wobbling while walking, it was still enough to be driving while impaired through alcohol.)

Will update accordingly.

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