Training in Quarantine – Day 208

Forced to use the gym today as my hot water has stopped working as the heater is leaking.

We got a plumber in to investigate and there’s a pin hole leak on the heating element. But the heater is a balanced flue which according to him is no longer made and the whole thing would need to be replaced — not what we needed a few days before Christmas Day.

The plumber turned off the gas and water to the heater, cutting off the hot water (at least it means the heater is not leaking) — the pinhole leak was still going for a bit though

Booking a slot in the gym due to covid costs me nearly £10, versus £8 before the pandemic, but I can understand due to the additional cleaning and disinfecting work needed by the gym staff.

Decided to run instead of walk, but not sprint, just jog. Will work my way back up to faster running slowly.

Turned out they hadn’t opened the changing rooms and showers for gym users yet, so I ended up having a cold shower at home afterwards.

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