You can get a cute fluffy kitten delivered to your desk to cuddle on your lunch break


So lovely to meet you (Picture: Jake/monodrift)

Cancel your One O’Clock!

You can get kittens delivered to your desk on your lunch break.

That’s right, real, live, adorable, cuddly kittens, to pet and stroke and generally help you feel better about existing.

App-based taxi service Uber has launched the cat delivery service, which brings them to your desk for 15 minutes between noon and 4pm.

You can also order them for other people to cheer them up at work.

Or, if your nemesis has a cat allergy, essentially send them a cat bomb.

We want some cuddles (Picture: wee3beasties)

All you do is download the Uber app, decide when you want your kitty time, pay about £20.50 then wait for the joy to arrive.

You can also share the cost with colleagues thanks to Uber’s ‘split fare’ option.

The kittens are from animal shelters and all the money you pay…

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