The Danger Mouse remake will see some male characters redesigned as female

Actually, I do remember an episode where Penfold turned into a woman. Boy, that was weird….


danger mouse Certain Danger Mouse characters will change gender for the BBC remake in 2015 (Picture: Thames Television)

Some male Danger Mouse characters are going to be female when the cartoon returns next year, it had been revealed.

The beloved cartoon will be back on our screens in 2015, but certain characters might look a bit different.

Male characters from the original show will change gender as part of the BBC’s goal to have more female characters in kids’ TV shows.

The Guardian reports CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor telling the Children’s Media Conference: ‘Characters that might have been male in the past will now be female characters.’

Could we be seeing a female Colonel K? Or, even better, a gender-swapped Professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck? Or how about Baroness Silas Greenback?

CBeebies controller Kay Benbow added: ‘I still feel the default tendence is for there to be a male lead or a…

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