Fedora, Manjaro, WordPress & Twitter

So, quite a few things have been happening recently.

I tried to go the next step on Manjaro and copy my home directory across ready for me to run the Ansible playbook to do the setups (I’ve been testing it would work via VirtualBox on my Windows laptop)

After waiting ages for the file copy, when I went to do the backup, there was a btrfs checksum error so I’ll have to try again some other time.

Separately, I got a message on an issue I raised at Fedora’s bugzilla the Fedora 36 (the version of Fedora I raised the bug on), was coming up to EOL so I should look to move away from it or upgrade. So I decided to try doing the upgrade.

The upgrade completed without error, but first boot after the upgrade hung with a weird Kernel Panic error (I have posted this on the Fedora Forums)

So I rolled my laptop back to preupgrade state for now.

I suspect I may need to end up doing a clean install, so I’ve prepared a btrfs and a ext4 lvm installation and have imaged those in preparation.

Finally, WordPress posted that they’re stopping Autosharing to Twitter because of Twitter’s Idiot-in-Chief screwing up the API usage.

Still, they have mentioned they will be adding autosharing to Instagram and Mastodon instead, and that helps me, since I’m slowly moving what little Twitter presence I had onto Mastodon anyway.

My Twitter has been disconnected from my WordPress and I’ve revoked its access from Twitter’s side anyway.

WordPress and Twitter

I wondered why I didn’t enable auto-sharing to Twitter from WordPress,

Then I remembered, that method only puts the title of your blog entry, plus an embedded link. Unless you have a really informative blog title, I don’t think it works.

Instead, I use IFTTT, but have to remember to either add a picture somewhere in the post or manually shre it through force checking the IFTTT applets.

Sharing Stats

Most used sharing sites:
Pinterest 1111
LinkedIn 1074
Reddit 1068
Pocket 1067
StumbleUpon 1065
Twitter 1052
Facebook 1036
Tumblr 1034

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