Training in Quarantine – Day 316

Training in Quarantine – Day 316

Found out why I couldn’t backup my new machine — Windows 10 had BitLocker setup which meant CloneZilla couldn’t clone it. Ubuntu installation on computers running Windows and BitLocker turned on – Documentation – Ubuntu Community Hub told me how to remove it. But still had a few issues with the backing up, namely Clonezilla still reporting some filesystems being read-only.

Turns out Fast Startup was also enabled by default for disabling it.

Trying to back up the machine before installing Ubuntu

Backup was fine, completed successfully, and was able to install Ubuntu

Benchmarked both Windows and Linux on 4K, and Linux performed a bit less, presumably due to the APIs being different

And it’s been another hot day, and people have been really tetchy today, lots of horn tooting and then, inevitably, this happened

The heat really does bring out the worst in people.

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