Desperate customer who stole pizza for his kid pays restaurant back 13 years later after making it


(Picture: morgan_freemum/imgur) The incredible letter (Picture: morgan_freemum/imgur)

A desperate customer who stole pizza to feed his kid has paid the restaurant back 13 years later after making it as a successful businessman.

Reddit user ‘morgan_freemum’ shared the incredible letter written by a guilt-ridden customer who used a cheque he knew would bounce to pay for a meal.

The original meal cost $20, but he returned the money with interest at $54.39 as penance.

Part of the letter reads: ‘Back in 2002 I bounced a cheque at your pizza shop.I was going through a very difficult time financially and was at the end of my rope.

‘I had no money and a hungry child at home.’

Close up of delicious cheese pizza on plate Tina Wong/Tina Wong The pizza shop owner has forgiven the customer (Picture: Getty/Tina Wong)

He apologises and continues: ‘I have worked hard and built up a solid business over the last decade and feel it is my responsibility to remedy…

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