Recent Linux Kernel Update

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The recent linux kernel update has screwed up my admin accounts on both my Ubuntu-based boxes (Lubuntu & Ubuntu Studio). I’ve spent three hours creating a new user, making them sudo-enabled, then moving┬ámy files from my old profile to my new one and tinkering with a few scripts and desktop shortcuts that were still pointing at the old home directory.

Mind you, it’s given me an opportunity to test my LPIC-1 knowledge.

Ubuntu Saucy Salamander

I’ve been running with Ubuntu on my desktop for a long time, even after upgrading it to 4GB RAM (it’s a really old PC). Nonetheless, Lubuntu (which is Ubuntu with LXDE) prompted me to upgrade from Raring to Saucy. I did, and as with all Ubuntu upgrades, it took absolutely ages to complete. But after a reboot, I noticed the login screen is now identical to the LXDE login screen of my Fedora box (which is also using LXDE). This is good and bad — good in that it gives users a consistent login experience regardless of distribution, but bad in the sense that the identity of Ubuntu has been slightly lost.


Concatenating Videos

I’ve been cracking my head trying to figure out how to concatenate my dashcam videos, which get chopped by my dashcam into 15 minutes chunks. The most obvious one is ffmpeg, where I would use this:

$ ffmpeg -i "concat:`ls -l | egrep -i "apr\ \ 2" | awk 'BEGIN {ORS="|"} { print $9 }'`" -c copy output.AVI

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