Student Loan Company rapped after data breaches


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has criticised the Student Loans Company Limited after a series of data breaches involving customers’ records.

The business reported several incidents where information held about customers, including medical details and a psychological assessment, had been sent to the wrong people.


An ICO investigation found that not enough checks were carried out when documents were being scanned to add to customer accounts, and more sensitive documents actually received fewer checks.

Student Loan Company rapped after data breaches.

Kent Police fined £100,000 after interview tapes abandoned at former station | ICO news release

The ICO’s investigation found that Kent Police had no guidance or procedures in place to makes sure personal information was securely removed from former premises. The problem was made worse due to an apparent breakdown in communications between the various departments involved in the move.<

ICO Head of Enforcement, Stephen Eckersley, said:
“If this information had fallen into the wrong hands the impact on people’s lives would have been enormous and damaging. These tapes and files included extremely sensitive and confidential information relating to individuals, many of whom had been involved in serious and violent crimes. How a police force could leave such information unattended in a basement for several years is difficult to understand.

“Ultimately, this breach was a result of a clear lack of oversight, information governance and guidance from Kent Police which led to sensitive information being abandoned. It is only good fortune that the mistake was uncovered when it was and the information hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands.”

Kent Police fined £100,000 after interview tapes abandoned at former station | ICO news release.

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