“The Most Dangerous Writing App” Destroys Your Progress if You Stop Typing

As with all writers – myself included, we are prone to going back and changing something I… (backspace, backspace, backspace…) we write. With this website, if you stop typing for an extended period, everything is deleted. This stops you going back and changing things, and encourages words to flow, without hindrance. It’s dangerous, but also allows you to be creative.

Give it a try, but don’t do your essay on it, unless you know you can flow your ideas :D

The blank page is a common, intimidating hurdle for writers. Sometimes it helps to just start typing your first draft, allowing words to flow without over-thinking them. This app will help you do just that, namely because if you don’t, it will delete any and all of your progress.

Source: “The Most Dangerous Writing App” Destroys Your Progress if You Stop Typing

Moonpig Mother’s Day disaster: Customers’ anger at wilted bouquets and late deliveries – Telegraph

It doesn’t matter, whether you have 100 or 1,000,000 good reviews. The 50 negative reviews will be the ones most people will remember. Losing customers destroys the revenue stream that would have been there for who knows how long.

Moonpig made a mistake here and are paying the price. And will continue to pay the price for the foreseeable future. People like me who look at this and wonder “am I willing to depend on this company to deliver on time?” So not only have they lost customers, they will lose potential customers.

Fortunately, this year I didn’t depend on Moonpig. I relied on Interflora, a company who has been around for longer than Moonpig and proven their worth over many years. Last time I ordered flowers from them, the local florist delivered it personally (no Yodel, no Parcelforce, no DHL).

This year, I took it up a notch. A bigger bundle of flowers, a box of chocolates and a bottle of Rose wine. The box was a lot bigger, so a different florist delivered it this time. I could see his van bouncing around my area as he delivered his goods. The flowers were great, just as the picture. Wine was chilled, and chocolates — well, we haven’t had them yet. ^_^

Two years they haven’t failed me. If I need flowers, I’m going to Interflora. Not Moonpig – even if they were cheaper.


Greeting card and gift firm bombarded with complaints on social media as customers post pictures of wilted leaves, smashed vase and empty box

Source: Moonpig Mother’s Day disaster: Customers’ anger at wilted bouquets and late deliveries – Telegraph

Your Fast Food Workout Plan

A good starting point to deciding if you indulge in a McDs, how much time you’ll need to spend burning it off..

You’re hungry, and you’re in a hurry – so you grab a burger, a taco, or a burrito. But before you take a bite, think about it: You’ll need to exercise a lot to burn off those calories. Even the options that seem light – the smaller burger, the breakfast sandwich, the wrap – are more fattening than you might think.So how much havoc can a fast food meal wreak on your otherwise healthy diet? We’ve crunched the numbers, compiled the calorie counts, and even created a simple interactive calculator so you find out exactly how much exercise it would take for you to work off each meal. Here’s to making healthy choices!

Source: Your Fast Food Workout Plan


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