GTA fan dialled 999 to report death of video game character

I might be a gamer myself, but I might get pissed off when my character dies, but calling the police just because your game character died? That’s a sad state of affairs.


Picture shows David Helens, leaving South Tyneside Magistrates Court. See SWNS copy SWXBOX : A man who was playing the computer game Grand Theft Auto got 'confused' - and rang 999 to report a SHOOTING, a court heard.  Dopey David Helens, 25, made the frantic call after a long session of the popular guns and gangster franchise. He told a call handler that pal 'Max' had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and was "slipping in and out of consciousness".   Helens said he was bleeding badly before telling her he thought he was dead. David Helens was on the phone to 999 for 12 minutes telling them his friend had been shot (Picture: SWNS)

A video gamer dialled 999 to report that one of his Grand Theft Auto characters had been shot.

Ambulances were called to David Helens’ house after he told emergency operators that ‘Max’ was slipping in and out of consciousness after being shot.

He said he believed Max was dead before saying that he had been attacked.

Helens did some fake screaming and shouting and two ambulances were sent to the house.

The call taker, from North East Ambulance Service (NEAS), told the court, in a victim impact statement that she had been left ‘shaken’ by the incident.

She said: ‘This man’s behaviour on the telephone made me feel concerned. The whole incident has left me feeling a bit shaken.’

Prosecutor Christopher Rose said: ‘The call lasted for approximately 12 minutes.

‘The caller…

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