With my new laptop up and running, I am happily playing several Steam-based games:

Dust (I am pretty impressed by this. It is a platformer, side-scrolling game with really nice visuals, voice-acting and insane combo options)
Dungeon Defenders (yet to start this under Steam, but played it extensively under Android)
Dota (downloading)
Wakfu (played on my old 32-bit box, but Steam refuses to start the game if you are running 32-bit arch. With a 64-bit arch, it will start)

I also have some extra games that I’m not playing or stopped playing:
Bastion (tried it and it is interesting, but I’m finding it really difficult to get into
Dungeon Hearts (slow and laggy)
Ravensword: Shadowlands (an interesting 3D, but very little customisation options)
Toribash (Appeal wore off very quickly)

I am also playing two non-Steam-based games

World of Warcraft
League of Legends

Although, I have them tied into the Steam framework so I can start them up via Steam and grab screenshots, etc.

I have also looked at Fraps and Kazam — two screen recorders (Fraps for Windows, Kazam for Linux) and both perform pretty well. Fraps performs great, I got smooth high-quality video out of WoW. Kazam, I am tweaking settings. It also generates good-quality video, but I need to play with the framerate and encoding settings. Look out for some uploads at some point in the future.

Stealth “Turla” Malware Infects Unknown Number of Linux Systems

Linux News

The Linux Turla is a new piece of malware designed to infect only Linux computers, which has managed to remain relatively hidden until now and has the potential of doing a lot of harm. Unfortunately, very little is known about it or how to fix it.

During the course of almost a year, the guys at Kaspersky Lab discovered a cyber-espionage operation which they called the “Epic Turla.” According to their research, more than 45 countries have been affected and that includes government institutions, embassies, military, education, research, pharmaceutical companies, and a lot more domains. It seems to be an organized effort, probably with a nation backing it up.

These problems were Windows-only and it looked like it will remain that way, but it turns out that “Turla” did not affect Windows systems exclusively. In fact, Linux systems are also vulnerable, to a different kind of code, which seems to…

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