Tesco launches HUGE bottles of champagne that have 48 glasses worth of fizz in


lanson giant bottle of champagne from tesco Yeah, you might need help carrying it… (Picture: Tesco)

Tesco has just announced it is selling GINORMOUS bottles of champagne in the lead up to Christmas.

So big in fact, they hold 48 glasses, which is the equivalent of eight normal bottles of champagne. Woah there.

The Methuselah (the proper alcohol term for the huge size) bottles of Lanson White Label Champagne will be available in four London branches – Bishopsgate, Tooley Street, Canary Wharf and Cheapside – for a casual £499.

And just FYI, that works out at just over a tenner a glass. In comparison, a standard 75cl bottle holds 6 glasses and costs around £40.

Whilst other supermarkets have sold magnums of champagne in the past (double the size of a normal bottle), this is the first time a UK supermarket has sold a bottle of the fizzy stuff at this size.

A spokesperson for the brand said: ‘As the…

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