Being polite left this man with a debit card that had ‘Mr Please’ on it


Royal Bank of Scotland, debit card The Royal Bank of Scotland apologised for the mistake (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

It turns out having good manners can actually leave you without a working debit card.

Terry Sutton, from Dover, Kent, found this out when he received a card with the name ‘Mr Please’ on it after being cordial with staff at Royal Bank of Scotland while speaking to them online.

He was applying for a replacement card when he was asked how he would like his name to appear, to which he replied: ‘Mr T Sutton, please.’

Days later he was sent a card bearing the name ‘Mr T Sutton Please’.

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Terry Sutton, debit card Terry Sutton wasn’t ‘Mr Please’ when he received this card (Picture: Terry Sutton)

The 35-year-old received an apology after complaining to the bank and said he would not be ‘so polite in future’.

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