Superbike rider is caught by a policeman on a horse


horse Superbike versus horse. There can only be one winner (Picture: Rex)


Now THIS is a new use for GoPro cameras – capturing every humiliating moment of the ticking off you get from a mounted policeman after you’ve been a complete plonker on your superbike and pulled a wheelie right in central London.

‘Is that thing on?,’ says the mounted policeman, clearly enjoying every moment of cornering a man on a fuel-injected beast capable of 0-60 in three seconds.  ‘Yes,’ mumbles the driver.

‘Leave it on, then you can show your friends the telling off you got from the policeman for clowning around. You could kill someone else, not just yourself, do you understand?’

Another mumbled yes. We’re guessing this isn’t how the driver imagined his moment of YouTube glory would turn out.

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‘You’re pulling…

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