Modular Modelling

Up until know, I’ve been following tutorials on modelling in Blender and they all use box modelling. However, I wonder if I could take a modular approach instead, and model parts of the character separately, then merge them together. The only reference images I have (short of drawing my own) are three-quarter views, which are a lot harder to model from a face or side view. So, if I model say the leg and foot independently, I can clone it and attach it to the torso.

Going to branch my Bitbucket repo and give this a go.

git Snippet: Proxy Configuration

I do a fair amount of work using git as version control, with SVN and CVS close behind, but I haven’t used any of them so much as a distributed version control. ¬†However, since I’ve started using Bitbucket and GitHub, I have encountered many issues to do with DVC. One of the main ones is communication via proxy.

My workplace doesn’t allow communication through the net without it going through a proxy server and it is an major pain in the arse to get through. Fortunately, git allows you to configure git to use a proxy server:

To use a proxy server for HTTP communication:

git config --global http.proxy http://user:password@proxyserver:9999

To use a proxy server for HTTPS communication:

git config --global https.proxy http://user:password@proxyserver:9999

My company firewall also injects its own SSL certificate, which breaks SSL verification, so to get around that:

git config --global http.sslVerify false
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