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The Blender Institute has stopped the Gooseberry campaign now that it’s clear that the updated target of 5,000 supporters cannot be met. Ton presents a slimmed down version of the project which will still lead to substantial improvements of Blender. Of course, each supporter gets the choice to keep his pledge in place or to withdraw it now.


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Sintel Restored on YouTube Editorial | BlenderNation

It looks like the message came through – as of 9am this morning (CET), Sintel is available on YouTube again. In case you missed it, there was an outcry on the internet this weekend as it was pulled by Sony after alleged copyright infringement.

To put things into perspective, these YouTube takedowns are massively automated. Software scans all the uploaded media and flags any material where they detect copyrighted material. Large corporations such as Sony have enough traction with YouTube that they can then also automatically take down these media (smaller companies have to manually submit a DMCA takedown notice).

So is there still a problem? You bet there is – we’re lucky to have a huge and vocal community behind us, that spread this story over the web in a couple of hours. The story was featured on Cartoon BrewBoing BoingSlashdot and Reddit (which nuked the BlenderNation server for a few hours). This helped revert the takedown. If you’re a small publisher however, you will find it nearly impossible to talk to anyone and get your video back up. These automated takedowns can destroy your project and leave you powerless.

Boing Boing hits the nail on the head with their comment:

While it’s probably a mistake, because this is so brain-meltingly obviously wrong, it’s also a very stark example of how sloppy, over-broad, and consequence-free enforcement of copyright can damage culture.

I don’t think there was any intent behind this particular takedown – just an unfair, unaccountable system. I’m glad we got Sintel back.

Sintel Restored on YouTube Editorial | BlenderNation.

‘Gather the Gems!’, Made with Blender, is Free for 3 days | BlenderNation

Endre Barath is a Blender artist who works for the independent game studio Alpha-Tauri Interactive in Hungary (see some of Endre’s work here on BlenderNation). They use Blender for all their game assets, and for the next three days they’re offering their top game ‘Gather the Gems!’ for free. The offer is valid through March 30.

‘Gather the Gems!’, Made with Blender, is Free for 3 days | BlenderNation.

Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and Tears of Steel on Wuaki

Wuaki is a streaming service like Netflix, Love Film and Amazon Prime. I found it when I was clicking through the apps on my Panasonic Viera TV, and found that the three Blender-made short films were all there. You can also access them on the web interface. Oh, and they’re free to rent and watch, so you can’t get better than that.

Free Movies | - Chromium_001

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