‘Like driving a Ferrari at 20mph’: Why one region ditched Microsoft Office for LibreOffice

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If you’re up for a visit to the beautiful Italian region of Umbria, better make sure your laptop is running some open source software — chances are you’ll feel more at home there.

This small area in the middle of the Boot, known for its centuries-old monasteries and for being the birthplace of St Francis of Assisi, is in fact quickly becoming a mecca of free software.

Thanks to a project called LibreUmbria, the biggest local government bodies are migrating to LibreOffice in what’s thought to be the most carefully-designed transition away from proprietary software ever undertaken. Though not as big as other international migration initiatives, the Umbrian project has been praised for its attention it pays to every aspect of the transition, not just the technical ones.

And if money is the primary motive, cultural and ethical reasons also play a prominent role. “Right now, along with Munich

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Cloud Storage

Gah, I really hate corporate firewalls. They block so many sites it’s sometimes impossible to do any work. I have Cloud Storage accounts with various sites, and can’t access:

However, I can access

My main cloud storage is with DropBox because they have a linux-native application for Fedora and Ubuntu. Whilst JustCloud also have a linux application, it’s Ubuntu only, so even though I have an account with JustCloud, I can’t effectively use it yet on my laptop. But, what I do like is that JustCloud tracks your mobile device once you install the app on it. Similar to the Cerberus app. So you can keep tabs on where it is. Although there’s nowhere to hide the app or make it a device administrator, it at least gives you an idea of where to start looking for your device if you can’t find it.

Behind my draconian corporate firewall the only one I can effectively use is Google Drive since they haven’t blocked Google, and I doubt they will since it’s probably the de facto search engine for most of the Internet users (although I prefer a metasearch engine like IXQuick.

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