8 lessons the Lion King taught us about life


Prepare to feel really old – The Lion King turns 20 this month. One of our all-time favourite Disney animations, there’s no denying that it kind of changed our childhoods for the better in a serious way.

Twenty years later, we celebrate The Lion King’s momentous anniversary by summing up its most poignant life lessons that are still so true…

1. Blood is not always thicker than water

And not to mention, never forget, never forgive.  Evil Uncle Scar, aptly named for scarring our childhoods, taught us that just because someone is your dad’s bro, does not mean that you can trust them one inch.

scar 22. Keep calm and hakuna matata 

Is there a better life motto than this? No, we reply, because while spiritualists have sought out enlightenment and insight, it turns out the answer was held by a chilled out meerkat and warthog all along.

hakuna3. Feel the…

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