Goodbye Nike+

I’ve spent a long time using Nike+, their Fuel Band and then their GPS Sportswatch, but now, it’s time to end that relationship.

I’ve recently had immense trouble connecting to their servers via their app and uninstalling, reinstalling even clearing the cache doesn’t help. Tethering my phone and accessing the site itself from my laptop gave me the same error, even on Incognito/Private mode.








Nike and Three (my MNO) bounced me back and worth between each other — both blaming the other. Nike saying it was an MNO problem, and Three saying it was Nike’s servers, and that they were able to replicate my issue on multiple devices on different networks. Neither accepting responsibility.

Since Nike+ is the only fitness activity tracking site having this problem (Fitbit, for example, does not have any issues), I am now ditching using Nike+.

In other news, I got this badge from Fitbit — the Africa Badge, for walking 8,046 km – the length of Africa.

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