Zombies, Run! Runners List

Here’s a list of all known runners and their current designations that I’ve picked up from the game. I haven’t yet checked the audio from the 5K app, so there could be some more updates.

Abel Township Runners
Runner 3: Simon
Runner 4: Jody
Runner 5: Alice Dempsey (Deceased since pre-story. Mentioned in S2-M21), You
Runner 6: Maggie Doane (Deceased as of S1-M22), Owen
Runner 7: Evan Deaubl (Head of Runners)
Runner 8: Sara Smith (MIA since S1-M23, returns at end of S2-M10/start of S2-M11)
Runner 9: ?? (Mentioned in S2-S3)
Runner 10: Chris McShell (Deceased as of S1-M19, mentioned in S2-S12), Jamie (temporary designation)
Runner 12: Jack (also S1 radio presenter)
Runner 13: ?? (Mentioned in S1-M15)
Runner 14: ?? (Mentioned in S1-M15)
Runner 17: ?? (New Designation, mentioned in S2-M21)

New Canton Runners
Runner 5: ?? (Designated to you during S2-M1)
Runner 38: Lem
Runner 47: ?? (Mentioned in S2-M1)
Runner 49: ?? (Mentioned in S1-M18)
Runner 93: You (temporary designation in S2-M1)

As with all my ZR info, it’s going onto my BitBucket repository so I can keep it updated. Link to this version here.

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