Zombies, Run! | Your cool bases

Hey, check it out. I got mentioned :)

Next we have Blenderfox’s… unique vision of Abel Township. One that features seven fully upgraded training areas. Presumably so that Runners have no excuse not to keep active between missions. Though, at least they get to go to sleep in actual houses of an evening…

Well, considering I focused on defense first and foremost before developing the rest, Training Areas were one of the few buildings which pushed up the Defense rating of the base. Others, such as the Comms shack didn’t push the defense up as much because it also increased Morale.

Now, with Defense and Morale at 100%, I can start working on using the other buildings.

The guys at Six to Start were right though. My base is definitely “unique”. It’s the only one with more than one Training Area. And the only one to have all of them fully upgraded (although they don’t all have the full addons)

Zombies, Run! | Your cool bases.

The article didn’t have a good picture of the base, so here’s a better shot (clickable to go full-screen):


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