Spent a big chunk of today preparing for, and attempting to upgrade my Pixelbook to Gallium OS.

I imaged it, then made a file backup of my home directory, before installing the OS, overwriting my Ubuntu, then restoring the home directory backup into the newly installed OS and then chowning the directory to me.

As a habit, I then imaged the laptop at this state.

I prepared a semi-automated script to install apps that I had installed on my Ubuntu, which included things like virt-manager, virtualbox, google-chrome and the like.

However, I soon found out that VirtualBox 6.1 seems to crash the mouse driver on reboot and the mouse pointer no longer moves and Gallium doesn’t even seem to see a pointer device when you check the mouse and touchpad option. I had to revert back to the image just after the file copy.

There is always the option of installing VirtualBox 6.0 from the Ubuntu repositories rather than the Oracle repositories, which uses a different installation setup. Maybe that will result in a different outcome.

Eventually, I restored back to my original Ubuntu installation so I can retry again tomorrow.

EDIT: Retried again the next day, and found out the sound wasn’t working, even on the live disk. Better find out what’s the deal with that…

EDIT2: Found out that my Pixelbook model doesn’t have working sound drivers on GalliumOS. I guess I will have to wait until that is fixed before using that. I guess I’m staying on Ubuntu. In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can compile a later version of the kernel to see if I can somehow get VirtualBox working better.

Training in Quarantine – Day 98

A cool-ish day today, temp at 20degC so did my walk. The pubs were open again, so saw most of them in use. Even the local Wetherspoons was now open.

Barbers were open too. And pretty much all of them were packed except for the smallest one which only had a few customers. The nearest barber to me was only accepting appointments anyway.

Training in Quarantine – Day 96

Mixed weather day, some rain, but now its 20degC. Done my FitBit workout, will be heading out for walk soon.

Got caught in the rain, and had to sprint back — still that’s good exercise.

Someone asked me where the station was — which was a 30 minute walk unless you get the bus to cut part of the journey time. They chose not to get the bus and continued walking — in the rain too. And without an umbrella…

Found this in a nearby road:

A bit of digging round, and I found the reason:


A 41-year-old woman has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving after a 13-year-old girl was knocked down and killed in north London

Police said the car struck the victim and a 15-year-old girl in Barnet, north London at 9.35pm on Monday. 

Scotland Yard confirmed the 15-year-old was uninjured but suffered shock witnessing the collision. 

Looking at the location of the flowers, it is near the end of the road, which leads to a miniroundabout. The road, especially at night, is pretty empty and prone to fast drivers (regularly, we hear cars and motorbikes revving late at night), so my suspicion is that someone drove fast down the road, heading towards the miniroundabout, couldn’t stop in time and hit the 13-year-old square, and missed the the 15-year old.

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