Half Marathon Training – Day 32

ZR Track Here

For today, I had to revert to pace training because I foolishly left my pacer on and it flattened my battery. You can see that my Green Zone is quite narrow and actually, it’s a reasonable effort keeping that pace zone. This is why I need to do my Assessment Workout again.


There seems to be an unhealthy appetite for rebooting films (Hulk, Evil Dead, Django etc.), but until now, I didn’t think it affected anime that much. Then came Evangelion’s movie, OVA and (sort of) reboot, and now, I find Sailor Moon is going to get rebooted.



Interesting fact I found out on Saturday. Even though I’m into my fourth decade, a visit to my local dentist for a checkup revealed that I still had two wisdom teeth that hadn’t come through, and based on the angle of them, if they do come out, they will cause problems with my other teeth.

And here I was, thinking all my teeth had come through already….

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