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Launch day is almost upon us! …But then what?

The wait is almost over! Zombies, Run! 2 is just a matter of days away. Hours, really. Yes, we’re still on track to release on both iOS and Android on April 16th. We promised to keep you updated if anything changes and, thankfully, nothing has.

In case you didn’t see our previous post on the subject, Zombies, Run! 2 will be an update to your current Zombies, Run! app. Which means that if you already own Zombies, Run! you won’t have to purchase Zombies, Run! 2; you already have it!

This update includes seven missions from Season 2 – four story missions and three side missions. We know that some of you will blast through these quite quickly, but don’t worry. There’s plenty more where that came from!

The week of April 29th will mark the start of our weekly mission releases. We have over sixty missions in development right now which we’ll be making available at a rate of three a week. That’s two story missions and one side mission every week. All brand new. Buying a season pass will give you access to these as and when they become available.

Don’t worry, there’s no pressure to play them all as soon as they’re released. Once they’re out, they’re yours to play whenever you want.

So prepare yourselves, because if you thought Zombies, Run! Season One was intense, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Google DRM Movies on Fedora

Been trying to watch some DRM movies off Google Play recently, and can’t seem to get them working on Fedora. I can watch them on my TF101 though, so it’s not too much of a problem, but more of an inconvenience:

Legend of the Millennium Dragon - YouTube - Google Chrome_007

I’m already talking to Google support about this and seeing what they suggest.


Zombies, Run! – Using the audio

If you use this app on Android, like I do, you might be interested to know you can rip the audio from the game very easily. The audio is stored on the sdcard which you can access using ADB or plugging your device into your computer and browsing to


In this folder are two files:

com.sixtostart.zombiesrun - File Manager_001

One contains the main audio, the other contains the additional missions (Supply Runs, etc.) and the radio audio clips. Extract them both to a folder (they’re ZIP files, even though they have a .obb extension), and you’ll get MP3 audio files.

Half Marathon Training – Day 17

ZR track here

Whoo! Nearly hit 100% on this run, and it was a long run too. I had ONE blip in this run near the end of the Green Zone, which took the 2% off, and I pre-empted the 5-minute mark by starting to slow-jog at the Blue Zone, even though I can walk it.

Day 16’s image isn’t available, not sure why, even though I synced my pacer. Most likely it’s because I ended up running a workout that was deleted.


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