Bash Snippet: basename

I love linux and bash scripting. Whilst I am no expert, I really love the way you can pipe one application’s output into another.

One thing I don’t like to much about linux, however, is the case-sensitivity. “file.ext” is not the same as “file.EXT”, for example. On Windows, it doesn’t much care about the case of the extension, but on linux, it does. And therein is my problem.

My digital camera takes pictures and gives them a .JPG extension, which doesn’t show up on listings on my linux box where the application is looking for .jpg extensions. Sure, I can rename them manually, or macro together a simple bash script, but when you have to do this repeatedly, it gets quite frustrating.

So I did some research, and found out about the basename application. It serves two purposes. It strips out directory information to leave just the file name so that “dir1/dir2/dir3/file” becomes just “file” and optionally, allows you to strip out a suffix from the name, so for example to rename all .JPG files to .jpg in the current folder, I would use this:

for a in *.JPG
   mv $a `basename $a .JPG`.jpg

Here’s an example output

$ ls
file1.JPG file2.JPG file3.JPG

$ for a in *.JPG
> do
> echo mv $a `basename $a .JPG`.jpg
> done
mv file1.JPG file1.jpg
mv file2.JPG file2.jpg
mv file3.JPG file3.jpg

$ for a in *.JPG
> do
> mv $a `basename $a .JPG`.jpg
> done

$ ls
file1.jpg file2.jpg file3.jpg


GfxTablet (Graphic Tablet) is a project that consists of two parts — one is Linux input driver, and the other is an Android app. It turns your Android device into a graphics tablet and you can control your Linux machine with your tablet. There is no screen output on the android device and stylus/finger motion is transmitted to the Linux box.

The only downside is there’s no option for “lefty” mode for people like me. 😦

It will be interesting to see how well I can use this.

rfc2822/GfxTablet · GitHub.

New Project: Yu Gi Oh 5Ds

The main characters and their Signer marks. Fr...

I am starting a new Blender project, or, more specifically, restarting it. I’m going to attempt to model some of the characters from the anime Yu Gi Oh! 5Ds. I have it on a Bitbucket Git repository at the moment (it is a private repository at the moment), but may make it public at a later date.

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