Tails – Privacy for anyone anywhere

In case you haven’t seen this, Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a live incognito DVD/USB which you can use to boot off any machine that supports USB boot (and for those which don’t boot of USB, you can use PLOP).

All connections go through Tor and since its a live disk, nothing is left on the hard disk (unless you choose to save something off the Internet, I guess).

I’ve been tinkering with Tor and managed to get my DNS routed through Tor, with my normal DNS as a backup, although routing traffic is a bit tricker, since not applications like to play with the Tor network properly. Some applications such as Vuze provide SOCKS capability, which allows routing of traffic through the Tor network via proxy. Others, like Chrome/Chromium don’t offer this as well, and you have to fudge it.

Why Do You Run?

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In the recent weeks, with the bombing in Boston at the Marathon there, it has, like many others, no doubt, caused me to reassess and reorganise some of my priorities. I used to run as part of my ongoing physio to heal a fractured metatarsal in my foot. There was no reason for me to run for charity, or anything like that.


Then the bombs hit Boston and in the aftermath, both stories of heroism, and stories of sadness. People who ran towards the chaos to help people. People who lost arms, legs, and, of course, people who lost lives. The most touching one is the one of the 8-year old boy, Martin Richard, killed near the finish line by the bomb.


Although I was not in time to register for the London Marathon, my target is to race at least a Half Marathon next year.


In my recovery time after my fracture, I could not run, I could not walk, but in 6 weeks, I was back to walking and within 3 months, jogging. I recall the feeling of helplessness whilst I was on crutches. Being unable to walk long distances without aid, and near-total reliance on everyone around you. People who have lost limbs because of the bombs will have to endure that for a longer period than I did. I feel for them.


I used to run for fitness. Now, I have a new reason. I run, not just for fitness. I run, not just for physio. I run for everyone who cannot run.




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