Half Marathon Training – Day 5

First long run of the training. It was only 30 minutes, but it’ll go up next week. Interestingly, even though I managed to settle into a comfortable pace, my heart rate kept climbing. Then, just towards the end of the 20-minute Green Zone, my pacer beeped me, telling me to slow down. If my heart rate hits that limit in 20 minutes, then next Saturday, when the duration gets upped to 35 minutes with a 25-minute Green Zone, I’m going to end up hitting that border more often in the last 5 minutes.

Also, here’s an interesting fact. Today, I covered 5.26 KM at 00:06:52 min/KM. Yesterday, I covered 3.56 KM at 00:07:53 min/KM. So, I covered a longer distance at a shorter pace.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I also had Zombies, Run! running during this run. That run is available here (can’t embed it)

Long Run

Tomorrow is the first Long Run of my Half Marathon training. It’s a simple 30-minute Green Run. I should be able to get around 4 KMs out of this run, but considering my training is by Heart Rate, and not pace, I won’t be running very fast.

The Long Runs are on Saturday (I picked that day for them), and whilst this week’s run is 30 minutes, the Long Run time goes up, until on the last week of training (which will be in July if I can last it), the Long Run is 1h 40mins. I have done a run of 1h 30mins, but it wasn’t non-stop, so it will be interesting to see how well I last, and that’s assuming I can last the distance.


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