Zombies, Run! | The first Zombies, Run! 2 mission pack is out now!

Source: Zombies, Run! | The first Zombies, Run! 2 mission pack is out now!.

We can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since Zombies, Run! 2 was launched – which means it’s time to release the first Season 2 mission pack. Two new story missions are now available along with a new sidequest!

We’re not going to spoil the story missions, but we thought you’d be excited to know that this new sidequest features legendary Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Yes, it’s really her!

Not only did she come to the Six to Start offices to record her part in the mission, but she also co-wrote it with our lead writer, Naomi Alderman. Look! Here’s a photo of Margaret Atwood with Naomi and our director, Matt Wieteska, in our recording sound booth:

Zombies, Run! 2 – New Missions

Along with Season 1 and Season 2 missions, there are also the Side Missions (S1-S3 at the moment), but there’s also RACE missions, which appear to be distance targetted instead of time targetted. These race missions range from 5K (approx. 3 miles) to 20K (approx 13 miles – this is also almost a Half Marathon distance.) It doesn’t appear to be available for me yet, but it may be because I haven’t completed my rerun of Season 1 yet (just finished Mission 15 out of 23.)

The distance missions would be perfect for my long runs.


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