Somersby Cider – The Somersby Store – YouTube

An Apple parody. Older generations might not get the humour.

via Somersby Cider – The Somersby Store – YouTube.

2-step verification – Accounts Help

Some may not know, but Google supports 2FA (2-Factor Authentication), and this basically means you need two items of information to log into your Google Account. Paypal also has this option.

I only found out about this through LastPass when I was cleaning up some old (and no longer used) accounts. This is worth a look and maybe switching on. But, as with most forms of authentication, you need to balance the convenience and risk (See related articles)

2-step verification – Accounts Help.


10 Bizarre Video Games – YouTube

Some really weird games in here.

Half Marathon Training

No run today — rest day


Extended weekend coming up. Going to be doing a lot of cleaning. Might actually be able to get started on the Blender project mentioned in my previous post.

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