Weekday Run #9

As with run #8, no target. Just trying to recover. Felt better today. Faster, and lasted longer. Still nowhere near what I used to be able to do a few weeks ago. The pollution must had wreaked havoc on my lungs, and its taking time to repair.

Found my Fitbit – it was still clipped to my PJs.

Tracks: Endomondo, ZR, Nike+

ZR Store Issues

Seems like I wasn’t alone:

We are aware that some Android users are experiencing issues with the Zombies, Run! in-app store which is preventing people from obtaining Season Passes. We’re currently working on a fix for this which will be made available as soon as we can — in the meantime, we will be keeping you up to date via the Zombies, Run! Twitter feed.

We’ll also be releasing a new version of Zombies, Run! on iOS which fixes an issue with the Season 3 Special Pass. Currently this will only be available to buy for people who have previously bought *any* Season 2 Pass and the Season 1 Race Missions.

We’re changing this so that anyone who has previously purchased Season 2 content (a Season 2 Season Pass, Season 2 Pass Plus or a Season 2 Side Mission Pass) will be able to get hold of the Season 3 Special Pass.

Rest assured that the current launch sale for Season Passes will not end until shortly after these problems are solved, so you won’t miss out on your chance to get access to all of our upcoming Season 3 content at a discounted price.

We apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused. We’re working to get these problems solved as quickly as possible!

In case you’re wondering what this “Issue” looks like:

Weekday Run #8

No target, just constantly trying to recover my lung capacity and fight some kind of sneeze/cough combination cold. Difficult to run any major distances. Not helped by the fact I’ve lost my Fitbit somewhere, and can’t find it either in my house or on the 3K route. Guess I’ll have to use Fitbit solely for weight tracking now.

Tracks: Endomondo, ZR, Nike+

Has Heartbleed Made You Think Twice About Open Source Security? Think Again. | Spree Commerce


…when there is a need for a security patch or other bug fix, the person in control of implementation is…you. With closed source, you need to wait for the enterprise in control to fix the problem and make it available to users. For example, Akamai, one of the best, most sophisticated technology firms on the planet, is still working to address its Heartbleed vulnerabilities. Thus, users have no choice but to wait on Akamai for a complete fix. Open source users can do what they want with the code. They can use a patch that has been made available on Github, or can otherwise modify their code as they see fit. In fact, because Spree is open source and its users control their own code, they can choose to replace OpenSSL altogether if they so desire.

Has Heartbleed Made You Think Twice About Open Source Security? Think Again. | Spree Commerce.