Video: Japanese bar uses sleeping drunks as billboards – Telegraph

Like many people around the world, hard-working Japanese people like to let their hair down at the weekend with a few drinks. Due to the low tolerance for alcohol among the population, many people enjoying a drink become so inebriated they fall asleep in public.

The Yaocho Bar Group has taken advantage of the thousands of “sleeping drunks” by turning them into human billboards warning against excessive drinking.
Armed with white duck tape, printed headlines, logos and a call to action, a team from the Yaocho Bar Group targets sleeping people on some of the most crowded streets in Tokyo.
Honour is held in high esteem in Japanese society, and the advertisers hope the billboards will shame people into drinking moderately

Video: Japanese bar uses sleeping drunks as billboards – Telegraph.

C25K – Week 1 Day 3

I completed C25K Week 1 Day 3 (timed) (3.51 km), in 18:22, pace 05:14 min/km, with @RunDouble

Day 3 of the C25K. Same as Day 1 - 5 minutes warm up walk, then 8 intervals of walk-run at a 60s/90s split, and a 5 minute cool-down walk. Next workout is Week 2 Day 1 — 5 minutes warm up walk, then 6 intervals of walk-run at 90 secs run, then 120 secs walk, followed by 5 minutes cool-down walk.

Nike+ Track

ROM Reflash – Cyanogenmod 11 (albinoman)

First flash is an unofficial version of Cyanogenmod 11. This is the version I currently have, but I’m doing a full reflash due to the problems I currently have, which I wonder if it is down to the fact I didn’t do a superwipe when switching between ROM variants.

Generally, you should wipe or superwipe your phone if you are moving from one ROM variant to another, and not wipe if you’re flashing an update to the currently installed ROM.


Reflashing 2

My experience of Carbon ROM has been short and a mixture of good and bad. Good in that there were some very nice features, but bad, in that the whole ROM seemed to not be too responsive. Less of a problem with Carbon ROM compared to the last one I tried, but, still, definitely noticeable.

I’ve taken a quick look at XDA and found a couple of other ROMs available, so I’m going to download them and give each one a go. 4Ext really helps with the backups.


My HTC Sensation KitKat ROM has been very quirky, with some weird behaviour with some apps, most notably with Nike+ Running. I’ve decided to try flashing a different ROM. I tried UnoRom again, but that seemed sooo sluggish – it took a few seconds to even come out of sleep each time I wanted to unlock my phone. So this time, I’ve tried Carbon Rom. So far, so good, I’m restoring my Titanium Backups.


A bolt from the… um… grey?

I bought a dashboard camera a few years ago, and have since upgraded to a better one. I’ve caught a few things during that time, but never thought I would catch this….

All of these photos took place in one second, and were taken driving down Whetstone High Road, North London. Photos were extracted using VLC and by slowing down the video to about 0.03x-0.06x speed then taking snapshots. I would have used mencoder or ffmpeg, but I’m not running Linux, and have no admin rights to install new programs on my box at work.

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