Linux Containers

After much tinkering and cursing, I finally managed to get Linux Container running. I had originally wanted a Fedora container, but for some unknown reason, the container would not start. Instead, I tried a CentOS 6 container, and that started up successfully, so I am using that instead. It is actually good, because I can tinker with the CentOS container, experiment with different configurations, maybe practise setting it up as a proper (i.e. no GDM) server. This will help if I decide to go for a Red Hat-themed Linux certification.

Still bugging me why the Fedora 20 container won’t start, though.

SchoolGuard App Is a Panic Button That Alerts All Police Within 20 Miles

A new smartphone system may help law enforcement respond faster to school shootings or other emergencies. SchoolGuard is an app with a button that, when pushed, alerts all police officers within a 20-mile radius of the school at risk.

Many school districts have police notification systems in place in case of an active shooter or other emergency situation, but in many cases, police or other responders do not get to the scene in time to prevent further casualties. A study from the Department of Homeland Security showed that while the average mass shooting lasted 12.5 minutes, the average response time was 18 minutes.

The increase in school shootings over the years prompted Nate McVicker, a police officer and co-founder of SchoolGuard, to take action. Along with Mike Snyder, a retired Illinois State Police colonel, and a few programmers, McVicker launched SchoolGuard in May of this year.

About 12,000 police officers in all 50 states have downloaded the app since its inception, Vicker told Mashable. Additionally, 60 schools in five states — Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas — have adopted the program. McVicker expects 300 to 400 more schools to introduce SchoolGuard over the next few months.

“We wanted to get as many officers on board as possible,” he said. “Now, we’re starting to roll out to the schools.”

Unlike a traditional panic button, SchoolGuard operates using a smartphone or tablet. Unlike a traditional panic button, SchoolGuard operates using a smartphone or tablet. It’s also more effective than a traditional police radio, Snyder said, since the app alerts both on- and off-duty officers in the affected area.

SchoolGuard App Is a Panic Button That Alerts All Police Within 20 Miles.

This double espresso owl looks completely wired

Blender Fox:

Where’s the quad espresso?

Originally posted on Metro:

Which owl are you. Must credit : Dave Mocttram Link baclk -

Which owl are you? (Picture: Dave Mottram)

Just stop what you’re doing and take a look at these caffeine owl drawings. Because Irish coffee owl.

These wonderful illustrations are by artist Dave Mottram and they sum up the effect caffeine has on our day pretty perfectly. From the somber decaf owl, to the crazy eyes of the regular drinker, it’s the whole caffeinated spectrum.

Just for the record, we kind of veer between double espresso and Irish coffee depending on how much we’ve got on the old ‘to do’ list.

If you fancy a print of the owls, or maybe caffeinated owls on a mug or throw – casual – then just head to

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