RPHM Training – Week 25, Day 3

健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 2.89 km in 17m:34s.


Commuter Frustration #1 – People who don’t move down inside the cars

It’s rush hour, and a busy carriage, and there’s space inside the train, but people don’t always want to move down inside the car because it’s harder to get off.

RPHM Training – Week 24, Day 3

健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 3.90 km in 23m:03s.


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Lolipop, Lolipop….

Ran into a few problems with my Android phone recently that caused my phone to see -3000MB storage (e.g. 3GB less than zero space). Weird, but true.

So, I eventually tried a few solutions, none of which worked., eventually, I flashed up to Android Lollipop and things seem okay now. Some strange interface changes but nice features.

Pace Guide: 5K -> 10K -> HM

Found this in this month’s Runners World. A useful guide to picking realistic target times based on your shorter run pace.

My current 5K averages at around 30-32min so that gives me a HM targe tof 2:18 hr to 2:27 hr for my HM. Which sounds about right — when I last did a 17K run, I did so in about 2 hours, so add an extra 3K onto that (and the fatigue), which put me at around 2:30 hr.


Google Music Syncing

Found this link whilst hunting for suitable methods for syncing my Google Music collection. Seems to work (so far), but it hasn’t finished syncing my music yet.


The Truth….

Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-07-12 | Dilbert by Scott Adams.